My New Mystery Series!

I am excited to announce my new historical series, The Hanneke Bauer Mysteries! I have signed a three-book contract with Level Best Books.

This project has been in the works for a long time.

Twelve years ago, I completed the manuscript of the first Chloe Ellefson Mystery, Old World Murder. While my agent shopped for a publisher, I began writing a historical mystery.

I was halfway through that manuscript when Old World Murder sold. For the next decade I kept busy writing the Chloe Ellefson Mysteries, children’s books for American Girl, and one nonfiction book for the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

When my former publisher announced they were closing, and I had time to catch my breath, I decided to finish the half-written historical. In June, I submitted the complete manuscript to Level Best Books. The editor who read my submission made an offer—and asked for two more books featuring the same main character.

The press is owned and operated by Shawn Reilly Simmons, Verena Rose, and Harriette Sackler. These three dynamos have aided the mystery community in many ways, including serving on the board of Malice Domestic, an annual fan convention that celebrates the traditional mystery. I’ve attended Malice many times, and seen these women in action.

Equally appealing, Level Best Books’ Historia imprint is devoted entirely to historical mysteries! I’m thrilled to be working with an editor who loves history as much as I do.

The first Hanneke Bauer book, which is set in Wisconsin, will be published in November, 2021. The book’s time period and theme intrigue me, and I think they may intrigue you as well! I’ll share more insights a little later.  

Photo by Kay Klubertanz

I want to assure readers that launching the Hanneke Bauer Mysteries does not mean I’m ending the Chloe Ellefson series. In fact, I’ve already chosen a location for the Chloe 12.

So, settle in! There are all kinds of reading adventures on the horizon.

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41 Responses to “My New Mystery Series!”

  1. Pat Says:

    So glad to hear that-a historical mystery set in WI is going to be fun reading-can’t wait

  2. Nijole Says:

    This is truly exciting!! Can’t wait for both the next Chloe and the new Hanneke books.Best of luck. Stay well.Nijolė

  3. Freddie Scott Says:

    Excited that a new character and time period will soon enlighten us. Always good to absorb more history and how people’s lives are impacted. Yay! and thanks.

  4. Cheryl Schuh Says:

    Can’t wait!!

  5. Eileen Daily Says:

    Kathleen, I am excited about this! And of course, look forward to reading this new series.

  6. Karen B Says:

    Yay!! Hooray for you the terrific author and hooray for us the lucky readers! 🙂

  7. Sherri Says:

    I can’t wait to read your new series and I hope to see you at Malice in 2021. Congratulations!

  8. William Weinshrott Says:

    I look forward to the new Chloe book to come out and now excited about the new book in 2021. Wonderful new’s.

  9. Karen Novotny Says:

    Fantastic news! Congratulations and I can’t wait to be able to preorder the new series!

  10. Lois Scorgie Says:

    Wonderful! What’s Hanneke’s story? Can’t wait!!!!

  11. Marsha Radner Says:

    That is awesome news. Looking forward to the new series and so glad I can look forward to another Chloe Mystery. Yay.

  12. Bonnie Says:

    That is exciting news! Way to go, Kathleen!

  13. Gladys Roszkowski Says:

    Hooray! MORE Chloe and a new character to meet! What great news!

  14. Shirley Toomey Says:

    This is great news! I love the historical research that colors your books so beautifully.

  15. Sue Says:

    So very happy to hear your News!!

  16. Susan Apps-Bodilly Says:

    This is great news! Can’t wait to read the new series.

  17. carol pasbrig Says:

    hi there Was delighted to see they used a shadow pix of you for their advertisement. Good taste already. Am looking forward to the 2 new books. Fostering a tortie mom and 2 little girls that are now 5 weeks old, We;ve had them since 3 days. So fun seeing them grow and change. take care and stay healthy

  18. bargainsleuth Says:

    I do have to say that historical fiction is probably my current favorite genre. And a Wisconsin setting? Can’t wait to read it and blog about it.

  19. K Talmadge Says:


  20. Penny Lee Says:

    Yay! I just read your two announcements about your new series and your new publisher! I look forward to reading your new books!

  21. Pat Murphy Says:

    Am super excited to read another historical mystery set in WI-cant wait

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