The Weaver’s Revenge – Clues, Batch 1

I’ve been sharing some clues about the 11th Chloe Ellefson mystery on Facebook, and I don’t want blog readers to miss the fun!

Each week in September and October I will post a photo that represents something in the the forthcoming The Weaver’s Revenge. It might be a major element, or it might be a small detail. Here are the first three.

What do you think? Stay tuned—there will be more clues to come!

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12 Responses to “The Weaver’s Revenge – Clues, Batch 1”

  1. Nijole Etzwiler Says:

    What fun. Looking forward to more.

  2. Lois Scorgie Says:

    A woven rug on a loom #1 picture,
    # 2 picture, a handmade envelope basket set on a chair with a woven seat (my mother in law taught my husband how to do that). An identical chair sits in my sister in law’s home.

    My mother in law and sister in law are/were master weavers.

    #3 picture I known I’ve seen the metal items hung up along with the lamp.

    Every picture makes me puzzle over the theme of next book.

    Thank you from a non Facebooker.

  3. bargainsleuthbookreviews Says:

    Intriguing clues! Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Jill Nisbet Says:

    I can’t quite place this, but am eagerly looking forward to more clues. I’m hoping you are ok, it has been a while since you have posted something.

  5. Catherine Ristola Bass Says:

    My paternal great grandmother in Maple WI co-owned a Finnish loom with several other local women (maybe 1900 to 1950?). They each had it for 3 months a year to get all of their weaving done, usually rag rugs for the house and the sauna changing room. Well, a man from the city came around the farms looking for items and the women were tickled to sell that old thing to him for $40! My mother was so upset when she found out that they had been taken in by this guy. *I* wish I had that loom to play with!

  6. Janice LORENTZ Says:

    Love the clues. They bring back fond memories.

    Finnish farm, cream separator, drying ryeska.


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