Chloe 11 Mystery is a Go

The Chloe Ellefson Mystery series will continue!

I’m delighted to report that The Weaver’s Revenge: A Chloe Ellefson Mystery will be published by Three Towers Press, an imprint of HenschelHaus Publishing.

Reaching this point has been quite a journey. My previous publisher closed (read more here) and my long-time agent and I parted ways. It’s been stressful, but as so often happens, the turmoil also gave me time to reflect about my vision for continuing the series.

What I did not want was to start a lengthy submission process to unknown editors, unfamiliar with Wisconsin, at distant companies.

That’s why I’m so delighted to have found at home at Milwaukee’s Three Towers Press.

I’ve crossed paths with publisher Kira Henschel a few times over the years. She was already familiar with the Chloe series, which was a great starting point for this project.

We’ve since discovered all sorts of connections ranging from a shared childhood love of certain books to the fact that Kira used to live about twenty miles from Old World Wisconsin. Some of her visits coincided with my time as a frontline interpreter at the historic site. We may have chatted about immigrant history back in the 1980s.

Although an exact publication date has not yet been set, I expect a Spring, 2021 release. (And when the book is available for pre-order, I will announce all the details.) I look forward to sharing some insights about The Weaver’s Revenge in the months to come.

Amazingly wonderful readers, you made this possible. Every time you purchased a book, borrowed one from the library, or recommended the series to a friend, you helped keep the series viable. Your loyalty led to a new contract, and I am truly grateful!

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22 Responses to “Chloe 11 Mystery is a Go”

  1. mary Says:

    What good news! I knew Chloe would continue, I just hoped it wouldn’t take too long to make new arrangements. It sounds like a perfect fit! I’d love to have a hint or two about where this will take place.

  2. Lois Scorgie Says:

    Horray. I’d hoped for the books to continue too. I’ve learned so much besides enjoying Chloe’s adventures.

  3. Bonnie Says:

    That is wonderful news! And it comes on the anniversary of the day my husband and I got married at Old World Wisconsin. Can’t wait to read what happens next in Chloe’s life.

  4. kjaerringa Says:

    Great news…but so sorry for all the stress! Can’t wait to read it!

  5. SHIrley Toomey Says:

    This is wonderful news!

  6. Carol Pasbrig Says:


  7. Ruth Says:

    Can’t wait to pre-order, then read the new book.

  8. Julie Morello Says:

    Curious to read this. My Mom was a volunteer weaver at the Iron County Museum. They have a Weaving Room with about 6 looms going. They weave Finnish rag rugs.

  9. Taryn Says:

    I am so glad to hear that you (and Chloe and Roelke) have found a new home and that we can look forward to installment #11 in the not so distant future. Your new publisher sounds like a great fit. I’m very intrigued by the title and already wondering “What does that mean?” I can’t wait to find out what’s next for Chloe.

  10. Pat Murphy Says:

    Great news-can’t wait for next Chloe book

  11. bargainsleuth Says:

    Somehow I missed this when it was first published. Yay for you, and for us! Can’t wait to read/blog about the book when it comes out.

  12. Laura Thompson Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your C & O Canal writers week photos and comments. It brought back my last visit to the park. P.m.

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