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A Silver Celebration: 25 Books in 25 Weeks Giveaway!

February 24, 2013

This week includes a joyful event that marks a very special milestone for me — and for you, the announcement of twenty-five opportunities to win!

The event… the February 26th release of my newest mystery.

Traitor In The Shipyard Cover-Original72DPI

The milestone…  it will be my twenty-fifth published book.

My only nonfiction book focuses on Maryland civilians' experience during the Civil War.

The opportunities…  twenty-five book giveaways!

Light Keeper's Legacy by Kathleen Ernst

Each week for 25 weeks I’ll be giving away multiple, personalized, signed copies of one of my titles, including Chloe EllefsonCivil War, and American Girl books. That’s 25 opportunities for you to win one of my books!

Hearts of Stone by Kathleen Ernst

This “silver celebration” is in honor of all the wonderful readers who have read and recommended my books, attended my programs, and generously supported and encouraged me over the years. Thank you very, very much!

Danger at the Zoo was the first book I wrote about one of American Girl's Historical Characters.

The Fine Print:

The “25 Books In 25 Weeks Giveaway” starts one week from today – Sunday, March 3rd.

It will end the week of September 15th, 2013, skipping a few holiday/vacation weeks (Easter, Memorial, July 4th, Labor).

I will hold a giveaway for each one of my 25 published books, and give away a minimum of  100 books.  The books will be hardcover, or softcover if hardcover copies are not available.

Announcements will be posted here on Sites & Stories, and also on my Facebook Author page.  Each week’s giveaway will be announced on Sunday.  Entry comments can be posted from then until midnight of Wednesday of that week.  Winners will be announced the next day, Thursday, here on my blog and on my Facebook Author page.

One of my favorite books (of those I've written).


Anyone is eligible to enter a giveaway for one of my books for young readers.  Only persons age 16 and older are eligible to receive one of my adult books.  Giveaway announcement posts will state whether that week’s book is for adults or young readers.

Retreat From Gettysburg by Kathleen Ernst

Entry Rules:

Each weekly giveaway must be entered separately.  Only one entry per person per weekly giveaway.  To enter, simply make a comment in response to that week’s giveaway announcement post either here on Sites & Stories, or on my Facebook Author page.  Note: By entering the giveaway drawing, you agree that if you receive a book, your name may be added to my email list.

Giveaway recipients must provide their name, and shipping and email addresses.  The book will be personalized to the recipient unless you ask that the book be personalized for another person (spouse, child, friend, etc.) and provide the name.  All expenses for the book and its shipping and handling will be paid by me.

The Runaway Friend by Kathleen Ernst

So – bookmark this page, or sign up to follow the blog.  Stop back every week for a new opportunity to win in my 25 Books in 25 Weeks giveaway!

Creating Caroline Abbott, an American Girl

June 7, 2012

Lots of you have already heard the latest news: Caroline Abbott’s stories are set in 1812!

That’s all I’m able to say about her for now. What I can do is tell you a little about the process for creating Caroline and her world.

When I was invited to join the project, the editors at American Girl had chosen 1812 as the time period for the new character.  Nothing else, including her name or where she lived, had been decided.

I spent about a month doing lots and lots of research about that era.  I read everything I could find:  books written by modern historians, books written by people living during the chosen time period, letters and diaries.

After that I met with the project’s editor and researcher at American Girl. We narrowed down possible locations for the setting, and—after getting feedback from other editors—we chose the location. Once that was decided, I traveled to do more research.

Next,  I created a proposal for each book, sharing my ideas for the stories. My proposals were read by several editors and the researcher. The editors have lots of experience with American Girl books, and they know what readers like.

Once everyone agreed about the basic ideas for the stories, I began writing.

Sophie, my writing companion.

When I finished the first draft of Book 1, I started on Book 2 while the editors and researcher reviewed Book 1. I did several drafts of each book. Each time, they got better. With all the back-and-forth, we were sometimes juggling three or four books at once!

The researcher helped find answers to historical questions. Once I had complete drafts ready, the researcher also identified several content experts—historians who know a lot about the time and place I was writing about. They read the drafts and looked for any historical errors that might have crept in.

The whole process of researching, writing, and revising six books about Caroline took over three years. One of the hardest parts for me was that everything was a secret!

Next month, I’ll tell you more about the process of creating Caroline. Check back soon!