Belgian Star Barns

While driving back roads in northeast Wisconsin as I researched the 9th Chloe Ellefson Mystery, The Lacemaker’s Secret, I encountered a handful of old Belgian structures featuring stars. Most of them were white, on the gable ends of barns.

Near Union, WI.

No one seemed to be sure of the custom’s origin, although some historians have speculated that they represented the settlers’ strong religious faith.

There are a handful of Catholic Churches in the region named Stella Maris (Our Lady, Star of the Sea), an ancient title for the Virgin Mary. It signifies protection and guidance.

Near Algoma, WI.

I chose to incorporate that idea into one of the book’s pivotal scenes. Last July, when participants on a tour of Belgian sites in the vicinity asked about star barns, I promised to share some photos.

Near Rosiere, WI.

I hope these shots will help you imagine the scene!

One of my favorites! Near West Kewaunee, WI.
And a star house! The brickwork on this beautiful home is astonishing. Near Rosiere, WI.

By the way…I’ve neglected my blog of late in order to focus on manuscripts in progress. I’ll try to do better. Happy autumn!

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4 Responses to “Belgian Star Barns”

  1. Nijole Says:

    Beautiful pix!!Thanks!Nijolė

  2. Woolnfloss Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful writing and comments regarding the stars. I’ve seen them, but haven’t looked into their background or meaning. I have read all your books and Chloe’s are my favorite!

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