Caroline Shelter and Soar Giveaway!

Get ready for the second Shelter and Soar Giveaway! This time we want to help parents or grandparents with youngsters at home. 

As the author of twenty-five children’s books, I know how important it is that young readers are able to soar to a distant time and place — while staying safe at home.

That’s why this time I am giving away books about Caroline, the character I created for American Girl. Three winners will each receive signed and personalized, softcover copies of Captain of the Ship and Facing the Enemy. Together, these two books contain the original six stories about Caroline.

The time to enter is now! Just leave a comment below by 11:59 PM (Central US time), this Wednesday, April 22, 2020. One entry per person, please.

The three randomly selected winners will be announced the next day here and on my Facebook Author Page.

Mr. Ernst and I planned these giveaways as a gesture of support for readers during such difficult days. Your enthusiastic response to the first one lifted our spirits tenfold. Be safe, and happy reading! 

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35 Responses to “Caroline Shelter and Soar Giveaway!”

  1. Holly Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I have 3 daughters who could share these books if I am a lucky winner. Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks for another offer. My Granddaughter Emma would love it!

  3. Liz V. Says:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Hope all are well and safe at your home.

  4. Jana Leah Says:

    My niece loves American Girl stories. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Christine Says:

    Thank you for the chance to enter, my niece would love the books

  6. Dawn Hayslett Says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. My granddaughter, Trillium, would love these books. Staying in is hard, but you brighten my days.

  7. Cecilia Young Says:

    Thank you! Two of my granddaughters are staying with us for the next few months and they would love to read your books. The oldest has an American Girl doll.

  8. Lynda Says:

    My grand daughters are readers who love their American Girl dolls. They would be thrilled to have these books. They have both seen my collection of your books and would be excited to ready something for them written by you!

  9. Debbie Says:

    Thank you for a chance to win. My Granddaughters love reading the American Girl books.

  10. con9 Says:

    My children loved the American Girl stories and I’m excited to introduce them to my grandchildren.

  11. Kristy Bauer Says:

    Caroline is our favorite American Girl. We love her story 🙂

  12. joms73 Says:

    A wonderful idea. As the grandmother of 3 beautiful and strong little girls (and one more on the way) reading and sharing stories is one of our favorite activities together. Thank you!! (and please keep writing!)

  13. Minecraft builds Says:

    my granddaughter would be so excited to win copies of these stories – thanks for the chance to bring a sparkle in her eyes

  14. Erika Velez Says:

    I grew up with American girl and Now I can share the experience with my daughter. She will love to win a copy of Caroline book.

  15. Debra Lambert Says:

    Your books are so special. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person.

  16. Marge Michulsky Says:

    Thanks you for this wonderful give away. My grand daughters would love these books. 🙂

  17. Stephanie Buske Says:

    What a lovely way to support extended families during this difficult time! I have two great-nieces who are my de facto granddaughters. They are 9 and 13, big readers, and love American Girl. Thank you for all you are doing to bring reading joy to all of us!

  18. Linda Says:

    This is such a wonderful idea to share like this. I have three granddaughters and each of them love books and reading. Stay safe.

  19. anxious58 Says:

    Daycare colored pictures and the senior center across the street posted them with a thank you sign and they also made hand prints on a sheet of paper with words of encouragement for everyone. Such a cool sight to see in such a tough time.

  20. Blake Changnon Says:

    Thank you for the chance to enter. My family would love to add the books to our collection.

  21. QNPoohBear Says:

    I love Caroline but regrettably never collected all the books before she was retired. Your AG books are always enjoyable and informative. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Ellen Bogner Says:

    Being able to lose oneself in a good book is an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.

  23. Heidi Vertrees Says:

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

  24. Agnes Says:

    would love to get one for my daughter, she might love it !

  25. Alice Lundstrom Says:

    This is a wonderful idea to share great books with children and grandparents too.

  26. Paula Smith Says:

    My Hubby served with the US Coast Gurad and Sackets was a Home Port..We love to read the Caroline Stories to our GD.We met you @ the Tea party.

  27. Marilyn Says:

    Would love to win these for my granddaughter, Maddie!

  28. Ruth Says:

    We have grandchildren who are reading/learning to read. These books would be great to add to their libraries.

  29. Jessie Says:

    Thank you for your generosity! My four daughters, and even my son, love to read these books.

    Stay well!

  30. Tammy Tagesen Says:

    I would love to give these to my young niece. She loves to be read to. It would be fun to get her a Caroline doll too. Thank you for these generous opportunity.

  31. awordgeek Says:

    I love that both our daughter, now 33, and her two daughters, 7 and 2, love the Ameican Girl characters and stories. Thank you for writing more!

  32. Jodie Porep Says:

    What a wonderful addition for a child’s library. Thank you.

  33. Sharon Luehring Says:

    Would love to read these books to my granddaughter Amelia! Thank you Kathleen!!

  34. Megan Hairston Says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! We would love to add these books to our family library.

  35. Barbara Kratz Says:

    Kathleen is an inspiring Author. I was planning to give The Captain of the Ship to my Granddaughter, Trinity, in May. She loves to read!

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