Shelter and Soar Giveaway!

This is not the spring that any of us imagined, and I fervently hope that you and yours are well. Mr. Ernst and I are fine, and grateful for the books that allow us to roam the world from home.  We hope you can do the same.

To help put books in readers’ hands, we’re happy to announce the first “Shelter and Soar” Giveaway. Three readers will get to travel with Chloe and Roelke, while staying safe at home. Each winner will receive a signed and personalized copy of the Chloe Ellefson trade paperback of their choice.Chloe10BooksGraphic600x363w

The Giveaway starts now! To enter, leave a comment below by 11:59 PM (Central US time), Wednesday, April 8, 2020.The three winners, selected randomly from all entries here and on my Facebook Author Page, will be announced here on Thursday the 9th. Good luck!

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91 Responses to “Shelter and Soar Giveaway!”

  1. anxious58 Says:

    Thanks for a chance.

  2. Lois Scorgie Says:

    Thank you and Mr. Ernst for adding to my learning. Your blogs always have details I did not know. From an ardent fan wishing you stay safe and well.

  3. Pat Murphy Says:

    Stay healthy and safe-books help to pass the time

  4. Anne Says:

    Thanks for your lovely giveaway which would be an escape and a real treasure fo me to enjoy greatly. Wishing you well.

  5. Christine S Says:

    would love to win a giveaway – stay safe and get outdoors to enjoy the spring weather.

  6. LouAnn Zabel-Jelinek Says:

    Have loved every one of your books and have entire collection all signed by you. Looking so forward to your new book! Take good care and stay well!

  7. Joanne Suchy Says:

    A Wonderful opportunity! I’m re-reading Lacemakers Secret for the reminders of blessings during trying times while planning a trip to Our Lady of Good Hope and something with a happy ending!! (Better than the Hallmark channel). Stay healthy all! Happy reading while “Safer at Home”.

  8. Jana Leah Says:

    I loved the story of your tomato plant that you shared in your newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Annette P Cheek Says:

    My love of your books began with “Death on the Prairie”. I am proceeding slowly…only two left that I haven’t read. Looking forward to more!

  10. sharon butera Says:

    Having adopted Wisconsin as my home since retirement, I’ve delighted in getting to know it better through Chloe’s eyes and adventures. I’m always eager to recommend these stories to people who ask me if I’ve read any good books lately. I own all of the books in this series but would gladly accept one that could be passed along with enthusiasm the next time I’m asked.
    Happy to hear you and Mr. Ernst are well. Yes, we are fortunate when we can find much to fill our days despite confinement. Having the library closed has been a nuisance, but then I just pick up a favorite book from my home bookshelf and reconnect once again. When stories are well written they never lose their appeal.
    Love your tale of the little tomato that could! Blessings.

    • Kathleen Ernst Says:

      Sharon, sometimes the best comfort in reading comes from plucking an old favorite from the shelf. Thanks so much for recommending the books–that really helps!

  11. Karla Lawrence Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win an autographed book!
    Love Chloe and Roelke’s story!

  12. Lindsey Hulstrom Says:

    Thanks for keeping in touch with us! Glad you and Mr. Ernst are well, too. As a Wisconsin transplant, I love learning about my new home through your series. Can’t wait for the next Chloe adventure.

  13. P A Dunscombe Says:

    The tomato plant really does give meaning to determination. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. DJ Lenzen Says:

    Being Norwegian and a native Wisconsinite, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Chloe books I’ve read so far. Stay well, eveyone!

  15. Michelle V Says:

    I’m on the last chapter of ‘Fiddling with Fate’ and have so enjoyed this latest Chloe & Roelke adventure. Thanks so much!

  16. Christine Dax Says:

    We’ve liked you since the American Girl books that you wrote. My girls enjoyed meeting you at our library. I am interested to read one of your adult books.

  17. Jill Nisbet Says:

    I’m glad you are safe at home. Read an interesting article about the shrine near Green Bay. I was excited to realize it was the same one you introduced me to in book 9. Happy writing and I will keep reading!

  18. Dawn Hayslett Says:

    Books are saving us at my house. Being able to read on the deck in this beautiful weather is an added benefit. Thanks for staying with us in these troubled times. Would love to read another one of Kathleen’s novels, I have read several. They help..

  19. Deborah Gresser Says:

    Loved the two books I have read, Old World Murder and Mining for Justice! Can’t wait to start another!

  20. carol pasbrig Says:

    Am SO glad for a friendship rekindled and for the pleasure that the Chloe books have given me And meeting Mr Ernst. Stay well

  21. Agnes Says:

    what a great idea, and thank you. That will give me a chance to complete my series 🙂

  22. Sue Wood Says:

    Thank you for a chance to read more and stay safe.


    I so enjoy each and every one as I get to catch up with our power couple on their adventures. Would love to get “Fiddling with Fate” the only one I don’t have. Stay Well!!

  24. Jane Says:

    Hey! something to look forward to. Thanks! Love the series. I have a neglected shamrock plant that is coming back to life this week with no help from me–no green thumb! Gives me hope.

  25. Linda Says:

    Love to read about the Wisconsin history in your books. They inspire me to continue to search out new sites that I have not visited. I hope that you make it back to the LaCrosse area sometime in the not to distant future. I would be very excited to win Fiddling With Fate. Stay safe and healthy.😷

  26. Pat Quindt Says:

    I’m currently reading Fiddling with Fate and thoroughly enjoying it. We can travel to Norway through. Kathleen’s colorful descriptions

  27. Dianne Martingano Says:

    Lace Makers Secret was a pleasure to read, but Fiddling with Fate was the best of all. God Bless you for your well-researched and wholesome stories. Please continue writing. Stay healthy.

  28. rdorman2014 Says:

    We had a tomato come up from compost last year. It actually produced a couple of ripe ones, not an easy task here in Maine.

  29. Suzanne Crowbridge Says:

    wow, a historical lesson along with a great mystery in each novel. dont stop now.

  30. Nancy Akerly Says:

    I cannot wait to read your latest. My husband, a musician,,pastor, and storyteller, has a passion for hardanger fiddles – and, being Norwegian, is searching industriously for the right one for him!

  31. Alicia Says:

    Great series. I just started it and have been sharing the books with my mother, who also loves these.

  32. Liz Says:

    I still loved the Lighthouse book the best—I spent part of my childhood in Rowley’sBay; but I learned the most from Lacemaker. Those women were strong beyond measure.
    —Greetings from you Idaho fan club.

  33. Karen Beal Crosby Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I enjoy your books immensely.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  34. jlturtlerunner Says:

    Love! I checked a few out from the library right before they closed due to the Corona.

  35. Amy Says:

    Thank for the chance to win one of your Chloe books. This would be a wonderful way to have comedown time.

  36. Mary Moore Says:

    I love all your Chloe books. Can’t wait to read your new ones. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  37. Alan Pape Says:

    Today while just finishing taking a nap, I for some strange reason, started thinking about the fact that you have been shopping around for a new publisher. I fantasized about this millionaire fan of Old World Wisconsin fellow I know and having him start his own publishing company to purchase the rights for all the future Chloe books. You keep on writing and I will keep dreaming with some action included! One never knows what a really good nap can bring!

  38. Diane Borgardt Says:

    Reading Memory of Muskets now – love it, as usual. Thanks!

  39. Brenda Says:

    Thanks for putting Chloe into the world for our enjoyment. Heard you speak this fall in Kaukauna and enjoyed your presentation.

  40. Terry Pohja Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Onalaska in September

  41. Kathleen Says:

    Would love a chance at a book! Thanks!

  42. merrylu Says:

    Happy Spring and happy Easter! What a wonderful way to help keep everyone’s spirits up. Nothing beats a new book, except a new Chloe book. Thank you, Kathleen, and good luck to everyone!

  43. Trish Says:

    I love this series and would love to win one of the books I haven’t read yet!

  44. Pam Sweet Says:

    Have been reading my way through this series and loving every moment. Goes so well with the geneological research I’ve been doing on our family. We live in a ethnically complex and interesting State!

  45. Stephanie G Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  46. Martin Wildauer Says:

    I love the way this series teaches history as well as entertains.

  47. Janell Barman Says:

    Love your books. I am currently reading Tradition of Deceit. I am missing A Memory of Muskets from your set yet. I was hoping to meet you at the Wisconsin State Rosemaling Association meeting on March 15, but was cancel due to the Corona Virus. Hope we can reschedule when this is all over. Take care.

  48. KarenM Says:

    What a lovely offer. I do so enjoy your series

  49. Jane Monson Says:

    Thank you for thinking of your fans today, how fun!

  50. Claudia Daniel Says:

    I enjoy your series, along with my book club friends! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book!

  51. Ginny Pfinder Says:

    Thanks, for making our day brighter by this gift.


    Lacemkr & Lyle wish you the best

  53. Sharon Hart Addy Says:

    Kathleen, I love the tomato seed story in the blog. How wonderful that you repotted it and nurtured it through the winter. It reminded me of the quote on my desk “It is what it is… but it will become what you make it.”

  54. Ruth Says:

    Winning one your books would make this quarantine a bit easier to deal with. We have loved all of your books and eagerly await each new one. Ruth

  55. GB BargainSleuth (@GBBargainSleuth) Says:

    I would love to win an autographed copy of one of your books.

  56. Diana Rodum Says:

    Reading Fiddling with Fate took me out of my Wisconsin living room revealing the charms of Stoughton, which I want to visit when we’re out of this crisis. And being of Norwegian descent, but MN born, I’m glad to have moved here, to find so much Norwegian heritage!

  57. Liz V. Says:

    How very thoughtful. Thank you.

    Hope you and yours remain well and safe.

  58. Dawn dalberg Says:

    I always loved your books.when u pick them up to read then it’s hard to put them down.i hope that u keep writing more. Your no 1 fan dawn dalberg

  59. Sharon Luehring Says:

    Thank you for your first “Shelter and Soar” Giveaway!! I have enjoyed the series and trying hard not to skip to “Fiddling with Fate”, but I’m getting closer. So looking forward to the book, as I grew up in Stoughton and of Norwegian descent. I have been reading my grandmother’s diary from 1946. I passed over it years ago, when my Mom was still living, but now that I have been reading your books it is so much more interesting to me and I appreciate what she wrote. Thank you Kathleen!

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