Giveaway Winners Announced

Congratulations to JOANNE BUCHWEITZ, ROSEMARY GRANT DORFMEISTER, BEV HARRIS, HELEN MARTINEZ, VICKIE MILLER, LARRY F. SOMMERS, KATHLEEN TALMADGE, and MARY ESLER ZEINEH! Each won a signed Advance Review Copy of the next Chloe mystery, Mining For Justice.

Winners were chosen at random from over 400 entries here and on my Facebook Author Page.

I thank you all for your enthusiasm and lovely comments. It means a lot!


2 Responses to “Giveaway Winners Announced”

  1. Larry Sommers Says:

    Kathleen–I was thrilled to be notified in early August that I had won one of your advance copies… but I have not received it yet. Perhaps I replied in the wrong way. I think I sent it as an e-mail on your regular author site. At any rate, my mailing address is
    438 Hilltop Drive
    Madison WI 53711-1212
    Or maybe it’s just not time for you to send it yet?


    Larry F. Sommers

    • Kathleen Ernst Says:

      Hi Larry – I’m so glad you persevered! I did not receive your email, and did try messaging again on FB…sometimes these things go awry. Anyway, I am pleased to get the info and will pop your Advanced Review Copy in the mail!

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