Flash Giveaway!

It’s summer reading season, so I am declaring a 10-Book Tuesday.


Leave a comment here by midnight, June 2, to enter. On June 3 I’ll choose ten names at random from entries here and on my Facebook page.

Each winner can pick any one of my existing titles. Those include Chloe Ellefson mysteries, original Caroline books, Be Forever editions of Caroline books, older American Girl mysteries, Civil War novels and nonfiction… and more.

Each book will be signed and personalized, and a hardcover if available. See kathleenernst.com for more information about the choices—and be sure to check back tomorrow. Good luck!

23 Responses to “Flash Giveaway!”

  1. Paul Eastwood Says:

    Interested in a Civil War paperback.

  2. Anna Worden Bauersmith Says:

    What an excellent way to brighten a dreary Tuesday!

  3. Callie Says:

    Awesome! I love giveaways 🙂

  4. joamazeme Says:

    Since I found you as a writer, I have introduced you to a number of people who are now also fans. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just increasing the competition.

  5. Marilyn Says:

    I love you books, Kathleen! How was your week at the lighthouse? I always think of the Light Keepers Legacy when you’re there. Love your books!

  6. Jacki B. Says:

    Count me in! Next round of my book club I’m picking you for my choice . . . and will use one of “Chloe’s” recipes for my treats!

  7. suekey12 Says:

    Giveaway are fun. Pick me! Pick me!

  8. Ellen Says:

    Thank you for your giveaway. Have enjoyed all your Chloe books and your lectures at the Fox Cities Book Festival.

  9. g2-c9660617d79eaed422ad6043f9f86db4 Says:

    This is so exciting. I love books, real books, with covers and pages and all that. Caroline has been my introduction to you and I learned so much about the War of 1812 and what it might have been like for a girl in Caroline’s position, We used your books and Caroline as an example of serving others at one of our semi-annual Girls In Touch events at our church in Indianapolis!
    I really want to get started on the Cloe series. I love your blog.

    • Kathleen Ernst Says:

      Your kind words lifted my spirits! I learned to love history as a child by reading good historical fiction, and I’ve loved having the opportunity to pass a bit of that on to young readers. I didn’t know very much about the War of 1812 either before starting this project, and it was wonderful to delve into it from Caroline’s perspective. Thanks so much!

  10. Sharon Hart Addy Says:

    Hi Kathleen! Add my name to the drawing! Sharon

  11. Kathleen Says:

    How exciting! I would love a book! Thanks for thinking of us, your readers

  12. Ruth Nelson-Lau Says:

    You are so generous! It would be an honor to win one of your books. My husband has the next Chloe book preordered, we will see who gets to read it first! Ruth

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