Gratitude Giveaway – Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Dusik and Marilyn, winners in the Ten Book Tuesday Giveaway! (The other winners entered on my Facebook page.)

Everyone else – there will be lots more chances to win. I’ll hold another Giveaway next Tuesday.

Elizabeth and Marilyn, you’ll find lots of information about all of my books on my website, There’s also a contact form on the website. Please email me with your full name and postal address, the title you want, and to whom you’d like it personalized. Happy reading!


In honor of my 31st book being published later this month, I’m giving away 31 books in February.

Leave a comment here by midnight today, Tuesday February 3, to enter the first drawing.


Ten winners will each choose one of my titles and receive a signed, personalized copy. Winners will be chosen at random from entries here and on my Facebook page. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow, so please check back then!


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41 Responses to “Gratitude Giveaway – Winners Announced!”

  1. Ruth Nelson-Lau Says:

    Pick me! I love your books. Ruth

  2. Kim Borkovec Says:

    Hi Kathleen. I love all the Chloe Ellifson mysteries ! We spend a lot of time in Door County so it’s fun to relate to the places she travels to. Can’t wait for your new book. Kim

  3. caroleestbydagg Says:

    I love seeing examples of the research you do for your books!

  4. Ellen Says:

    Thank you for all your writing, lectures and this opportunity.

  5. Jacki B. Says:

    I love reading about Chloe’s job and all the historical research she does about my same interests and home territory. And would be especially grateful to win one of your books!

  6. Callie Says:

    I’ve only read your American girl ones, but my sisters and I love them, and I would love to win them for a Valentine’s day present for my siblings! 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  7. Labyrinth-Living Says:

    Pick me, please! I can’t wait for the next Chloe book

  8. Elizabeth Dusik Says:

    I am hooked on the Chloe Ellefson series can’t wait till October. So glad they keep comming

  9. Deborah Harrison Says:

    Kathleen, I love the Chloe Ellefson mysteries. I would love to win a copy of your new book.

  10. suekey12 Says:

    I so enjoy the Chloe books–I’d love to win one.

  11. Milton Public Library Says:

    Thanks for writing great fiction, Kathleen. We’re proud to offer our patrons wonderful work written by local authors. Your titles are so popular in Milton that they rarely sit on the shelf for long.

  12. chipetawrite Says:

    What a great way to celebrate! Cynthia Becker

  13. Barb ackeret Says:

    Would love to win!

  14. Joanne Blise Says:

    I love the Chloe Ellifson mysteries! They are never predictable, full of interesting history, & keep me guessing all the way to the end. I am so excited about the next book! Keep writing! Joanne

  15. Jane R Says:

    Wow! 31 books (so far!). Awesome! Congratulations!!

  16. Marilyn Says:

    Hi Kathleen, I love all your Chloe mysteries…Would love to win one!

  17. Doris Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. Ann Says:

    My daughter has read all of your AG books and was inspired to write her own historical diary after meeting you in person. She would love to win your new Caroline book!

    • Kathleen Ernst Says:

      Ann, I’m thrilled to learn that your daughter was inspired to write her own historical diary! When I was a child good books and their authors inspired my own interest in history and writing, and I love hearing that I might have been able to pass a bit of that on.

  19. Libby Dodd Says:

    Well done!

  20. Bonnie Says:

    I have loved your Chloe Ellefson series from the start.
    And each book is better than the previous 🙂

  21. KarenM Says:

    Congratulations on #31 and thank you for the contest. I put my reviews on goodreads.

  22. Sydney Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books!

  23. Shannon Winkle Says:

    Looking forward to meeting you this month while you’re in Decorah! Let me know when it is convenient for you to meet my book club at Aase Haugen . Can’t wait to read your new book!!
    Shannon Winkle

  24. Chris Says:

    Kathleen, thanks for a chance to win a book. I admire your historical research and writing.

  25. littlewidrick Says:

    I have bought all of your AG Caroline books for my daughter and we saw you in Sackets Harbor. She reads to me every night before bed. Thanks for making this such a special time:)

  26. Brenda Boettcher Says:

    I know I’ve told you this before, but I’d like to thank you again for writing wonderful books for all ages! (I can’t WAIT for the new Chloe book to come out!)

  27. Olivia Frink Says:

    Hi Mrs. Ernst, I was thrilled to meet you at Old World Wisconsin about a month back, and I would love to win one of your books! Love your writing and can’t wait for the new one to come out!

  28. Megan Says:

    I love your books! They always inspire me to get out there and keep learning!

  29. holdenj Says:

    Congrats on your 31st book! I’ve enjoyed all of Chloe’s adventures. Thanks!

  30. Karla Lawrence Says:

    So glad to hear about a new book coming out this fall! I am currently enjoying “Tradition of Deceit” and am looking forward already to a new Chloe adventure!

  31. Bev Harris Says:

    I love your books! Chloe is a girl after my heart! So enjoyed hearing you speak in Mineral Point at the library. My book club read your Old World novel for discussion! Really want to make the trip to Rock Island and the Light House! You are an inspiration to me, a want to be writer! Thanks! Bev Harris

    • Kathleen Ernst Says:

      Hi Bev – Thanks! I loved visiting Mineral Point, one of Wisconsin’s loveliest towns. I do hope you can visit Rock Island sometime. It’s a very special place, and having read The Light Keeper’s Legacy, you’ll be able to picture everything.

  32. Doris Says:

    Am much enjoying Tradition of Deceit and looking forward to reading earlier books in this series.

  33. Britt Brill Says:

    Congratulations on your 31 books! What an amazing accomplishment!! You deserve a break to cuddle up and read a book, especially with this weather!!

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