It’s been a busy year! In 2014 I published two books—Catch The Wind:  My Journey With Caroline and Tradition of Deceit:  A Chloe Ellefson Mystery—and worked on three more. By my rough count I also provided 34 programs of one sort or another.  I spent 103 days on the road, researching and writing and meeting readers.

I met Chloe readers who are kindred spirits. I also met lots of amazing girls at Caroline events.


Many lovely readers connected through the mail, too.  Since I write for both adults and kids, I never know what might show up in my mailbox. Some of my favorites are addressed in pencil…


Or purple marker.

scan0011 - Version 2

This reader told me she likes to read books by flashlight under the covers at night, just as I used to do.

scan0015 - Version 2

Sometimes a letter simply melts my heart…

scan0001 - Version 2

And sometimes they make me smile.

scan0010 - Version 2

( I sent her a couple of bookmarks. I don’t know if that qualifies as “cool stuff.”)

I love getting pictures:


An 8-year-old named Maura sent not only a lovely letter, but a story she wrote about Caroline.


And a Caroline book club from North Carolina sent me these beautiful ornaments.


Many Chloe readers also take the time to connect via email, this blog, or on Facebook:

“Because of you we took a day trip to Deborah to explore our Norwegian heritage. If it were not for the book, I would not have even known about it. We had a wonderful time.”

“LOVED THE NEW BOOK!!!!!! OMG! My only regret about the book is that I will have to wait a WHOLE year for the next book to come out!  But with a little chocolate, I will get over it.”

(Chloe would approve of that one.)

I don’t usually get artwork from Chloe readers, but my friend Alisha made these amazing wycinanki cakes for the Tradition of Deceit launch party.


I’m a very lucky writer.

I wrote novels for many years before my professional career began, so believe me, I don’t take anything for granted. Readers have made all of this possible. Thank you.

scan0014 - Version 2

I look forward to more fun in the coming year!  Happy reading.

2 Responses to “Gratitude”

  1. janekirkpatrick Says:

    Love those cakes! And the treasures from children. You are the very best writer in the whole wide world! Thanks for keeping
    Chloe whole and hearty and for bringing us new insights about the past and present. You’re a gem.

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