A World War II Holiday Prayer

I spent Christmas with my mom this year, and she shared a memory I hadn’t heard before.  While growing up in Absecon, New Jersey, she sang in the children’s choir at the Methodist Church.  In 1942, the choir director wrote new lyrics set to the tune of “White Christmas:”

While round the world the guns thunder,
Death drops from under hostile wings –
Here in God’s dwelling
Where we hear swelling
The voice of every child who sings –
Then let us ask the dear Father
To bless and guide each soldier son –
Let us raise our voices as one
In a prayer that war will soon be done!

The congregation dates back to a Methodist Revival held in the area in the late 1700s.  The original structure from the 1820s was replaced in 1856.  I haven’t been there, but illustrations show a gracious building, remodeled several times over the years.  I love the image of the young people singing earnestly in the candle-lit church, hoping and praying for peace in the new year.

This sketch was made in 1960 by E.O. Nielsen.

I hope the coming year brings peace to more people around the globe, and I wish you and yours a wonderful 2012!

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One Response to “A World War II Holiday Prayer”

  1. Pam De Voe Says:

    Touching. Thanks for sharing.

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